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Engaging with peers, patients, and partners

Connect with us, patients, and others in the industry to expand your understanding and solve your challenges.

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The Patients Speak Podcast

83bar's Mark Stinson interviews executives at innovative healthcare companies on what they hear from patients they serve. Guests highlight ways their innovations improve the patient’s journey.


Keli Walbert, Horizon Therapeutics

Mark speaks with Keli Walbert, executive vice president of Horizon Therapeutics, about commercializing new therapies. Keli talks about the importance of seeing patients as people and consumers and providing them with “support beyond medicine.” This involves deeply delving into the ways a disease affects a patient’s life, in some cases even conducting ethnographic research in the patient’s home. Keli also shares about the launch of Horizon Tepezza, a first-in-class novel monoclonal antibody for treating thyroid eye disease.


The Patients Speak Newsletter, Vol 01, Issue 01

The newsletter gathers together industry news with insights, case studies with results, tools to boost patient recruitment, and interviews with experts. This issue includes the following content:

  • The Patient Experience
  • AI in Patient Recruitment
  • Virtual Clinical Trial: 1,000+ Patients
  • Patient Activation Book
  • An Optimum Patient Recruitment Formula
  • An Interview with Paul Egli on Current Industry Issues
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