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Personalizing the Problem

Personalizing the Problem

83bar CEO Bob Baurys talks about the process of putting a face and persona to those whom 83bar helps and how this builds commitment to helping patients reach their health goals.

Download this whitepaper to discover the creative process at 83bar and how it starts with the patient.

Key Insights

  • Visualizing the patient - “If you focus on the core constituency, the idea burns deep and passionate because, in your mind, you're actually helping an individual.”
  • Scaling personalization - “If you [visualize] that individual in your mind, it's really translating to helping many people who are in that same situation. If you keep that focus, it changes the idea a little bit as you scale up to help thousands of people. It [becomes] much more regimented, systematic and predictable.”
  • Improving creativity - “As a business operator, I think you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I always find that the best ideas happen because of a significant urgent need.”
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