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Lyme Disease


This Market Feasibility Report provides insights into patients 83bar found and pre-qualified in a test for a client. In just two days, 83bar located 101 adults who had been diagnosed with Lyme disease or had experienced at least five common symptoms.

Our Market Feasibility Tests attract healthcare consumers with targeted social media ads. Consumers click through to a landing page that provides critical information and education about treatment options for their disease or condition. They then take an online survey that screens them based on inclusion/exclusion criteria, medical suitability and level of intent.

Key Insights

  • 87% respondents were not currently being treated for their symptoms and needed a diagnosis to receive medication/treatment
  • Of those who had been treated, 47% found their treatment only somewhat effective and 33% not at all effective
  • Many respondents had not had an official diagnosis or been tested, but 92% were somewhat or very interested in Lyme disease testing in order to receive effective treatment.
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