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7 Rules for Top-performing Social Media Ads


In this whitepaper, 83bar reveals the secrets behind how our ads are created to maximize their performance among today’s healthcare consumers.

We use a formula that’s highly suited to today’s much shorter decision process. It’s as simple as Eye. Brain. Thumb. This “E-B-T” model represents the milliseconds it takes for an ad to reach a reader’s eyes, then brain, triggering a thumb to hesitate, hover, then tap on an online link in a social media feed. Find out more by reading the full whitepaper.

Key Insights

  • A digital ad must immediately stand out visually from other content in the social news feed.
  • Clever ads can confuse; it’s important to find the simplest words and images that can be immediately recognized and understood by the target audience.
  • Avoid claims in healthcare advertising that might mislead a potential patient, even by accident.
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